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Öğrencilerimizin Projesi TÜBİTAK 2209-B Programı Kapsamında Destek Almaya Hak Kazandı

Our department, which gives importance to undergraduate students gaining project experience before graduating, has collaborated with M.B.I.S, an R&D center, to solve a real problem in the sector. Furkan Can Kem, a student of the Department of Industrial Engineering, Dr. Onur Doğan, academic supervisor and Dr. Eren Esgin, industry supervisor, were entitled to receive support with the projects within the scope of the "2209-B Industry Oriented Research Project Support Programme for Undergraduate Students".

Project Title: Developing a Recommendation System in E-commerce with Profit-Support Fuzzy Association Rules

Applicant: Furkan Can KEM

Academic Advisor: Onur DOĞAN

Industry Consultant: Eren ESGİN

Project Summary: With the developing technology, e-commerce sales are increasing day by day. Therefore, it has become essential to discover information from complex transaction data. Many e-commerce systems need to be supported by appropriate product selection to attract customers' attention. However, e-commerce companies should consider their profits while offering products to online visitors. Therefore, this project proposes the profit-support association rule mining (P-FARM) method by developing the fuzzy theory in the field of e-commerce. P-FARM is an advanced data mining technique that creates association rules by finding profitable items in frequent items. The results are expected to show that the proposed new method, P-FARM, can be a powerful tool to improve the use of e-commerce sales.

Keywords: recommendation systems, fuzzy association rules, profit-support value, profit-confidence value, e-commerce