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1. Can I enroll in IME (Applied Vocational Education and Training) in a company outside the city (İzmir)?

IME can be implemented in a company outside the city.


2. Do I have to enroll in IME in a company in Turkey?

Students can also choose a company abroad for IME. In this case, the entire responsibility belongs to the student. No payment or premium is paid to the student within the scope of the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510.


3. Is IME a requirement for graduation?

IME is not mandatory. An alternative curriculum is available for students who cannot or do not want to enroll in IME.


4. Do I have to inform the university if I get permission with a medical report?

In cases where permission is taken with a medical report, the university must be informed by sending the medical report via the instructor in charge. Otherwise, capital punishments are applied.


5. Will the company pay us a salary during IME?

The company may or may not pay a salary to the student.


6. Can more than one student implement IME in the same company?

More than one student can do an IME in a business.